A Small Team on a Grand Mission

A Small Team on a Grand Mission

Learn about the motivation and vision behind the Netzo Web Platform

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Arturo Romero
·Oct 12, 2021·

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Netzo is composed of a team of committed, motivated and dynamic professionals with a unique vision to interconnect the world through open web technology. We are passionate about developing, expanding and maintaining the Netzo Web Platform which consolidates hardware and software systems to a single place to deliver a fast return of investment to our customers. Why?

Ever since the early days, our vision has remained one: simplify IT and IoT-driven automation for anyone. From that moment forward, we’ve stumbled with many people that share the enthusiasm, and others who think we are overly ambitious. Many have recommended we first start on a specific market segment or vertical. While we see how that makes the vision easier to think about, we are sure that the true value is in the abstraction: a single platform to help you interconnect anyThing in any way you want. And we’ve never considered putting this dream aside.

We are convinced that the only real approach to true interoperability is through an open platform. We are thus committed to building a community-driven, open web platform to accelerate the digital transformation for anyone. We work hard to empower people to build whatever they have in mind, and make it easier to share that with others through an in-app Marketplace. A community-driven approach to change the world will always win, and we are eager to deliver this with Netzo.

Ambitious ideals should be built on a stable basis. We are convinced that open web standards are the technology that will enable true interoperability between IT and OT domains where we need it most: the web. We thus embrace these standards and augment them with additional features to make their adoption even more powerful. We believe in simplicity, for which we deliver all this power bundled into a single SaaS platform for you to worry less and do more. For this we strive to fully support, promote and promulgate new web technologies into real-world, production scenarios.

Our team is motivated by this vision and we strive first and foremost to share its empowerment with the world. We look forward to getting to know people that like us, believe in the power of technology to change the world. We are eager to get to know what you build with Netzo.


The Netzo founding team

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