Netzo Beta 1

Netzo Beta 1

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Miguel Romero Karam
·Jun 13, 2022·

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Netzo is an Application Enablement Platform that integrates APIs despite their underlying technologies, enabling end-to-end monitoring, control, and automation of software (IT) and hardware (IoT) services.

This past year, we heard from a lot of you. We've worked tirelessly bringing these ideas, hopes and expectations into reality. And today we've done it.

With today's release, Netzo makes it easier to develop value-adding solutions by enabling interoperability between business applications, IoT platforms, devices and services. Netzo enables developers and organizations to focus on creating value via out-of-the-box integrations and low-code development of custom solutions.

Building applications with Netzo comes with the following benefits:

  • 🤖 API-First: access any Service over a single API or using the SDK
  • 🧩 Plug and Play: browse ready-made or create custom integrations in no time
  • 🛡️ No Vendor Lock-In: build on standards, stay flexible and future-proof
  • Serverless: a scalable SaaS platform, without managing the infrastructure
  • 🧮 Low-Code: low-code development, code sharing and an intuitive, modern SDK
  • 🔓 Open Source: community-driven marketplace of open source plugins

Why Netzo?

Most integration software takes a configuration-driven approach to integrations. This requires users to manually configure each Service from a list of generic integrations. This list is usually comprised of popular third-party integrations, so internal and/or private Services are not natively supported. Integrating Services in this way...

  • creates stiff, configuration-driven, custom integrations to Services
  • requires technical know-how
  • is repetitive and tiresome
  • brings maintenance overhead

Netzo takes a specification-driven approach to integrations, enabling out-of-the-box, tailor-made integrations to any Services, without the configuration overhead. This allows creating native integrations for Services of any kind, be them popular third-party services or internal/private ones. Integrating Services with Netzo...

  • creates flexible, specification-driven, native integrations to Services
  • encourages embracing best practices (a specification-first approach)
  • reduces maintenance via a specification-document as the single-source of truth
  • enables faster development of custom solutions

Moreover, Netzo provides a series of added benefits:

  • visibility for all integrated Services
  • enables a unified API for all Services, the Netzo Web API
  • no vendor lock-in
  • multi-protocol support (for both IT and IoT)
  • unified, secure authentication to keep secrets safe
  • fine-grain access control and sharing capabilities
  • real-time events and metrics when API calls are made

  • Services: all your APIs in a single place

  • Dashboards: real-time visualization and control of your Services
  • Web API: the last API you will ever need

What's Next

Today we are releasing Netzo Beta1. This is the first in a series of beta releases that will be made over the coming months. Each release will add additional features and further refine the platform. The releases will culminate in a General Availability announcement.

Future releases will include greater stability, performance improvements and many more Plugins in the Marketplace.

If you have any feedback, please join our Discord or open an issue.

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